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Donation helps non-profit organisation go green

  SolarWorld, by way of its distribution partner and project implementer Solek, supplied a solar electricity system to the Grootbos Foundation, a non-profit organisation in the Western Cape. The project forms part of the foundation’s aim to reduce its carbon footprint and costs, as well as to conserve the environment. PV manufacturer, SolarWorld, donated the […]

Energy experts back renewables after massive outage

  A South Australian news service reports that renewable energy experts have gathered in South Australia to defend the use of solar and wind power in the aftermath of a state-wide blackout. According to the news service, The Lead, the state of South Australia is still recovering from the electricity outage of 28 September 2016, […]

Remarkable recovery of satellite studying the sun

  After 22 months, on 21 August 2016, NASA scientists re-established contact with STEREO-B, one of NASA’s solar terrestrial relations observatories, after communication was lost on 1 October 2014. Scientists recently started a monthly recovery operation, using NASA’s deep space network, or DSN, which tracks and communicates with missions throughout space. Their persistence was crowned […]

Rugged batteries for reliable PV storage

  Silicon Engineering is the sole agent for BAE-Berlin batteries in South Africa. BAE solar batteries are used in renewable energy applications such as solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation. They are also used in hybrid applications as well as in stand-alone PV systems, which include a very wide range of sizes and application fields. BAE […]

What’s the future for IPPs in South Africa?

  It is most unfair that Eskom now wants to ditch the coal-fired IPPs, when in fact they will be much more useful than the renewables. Moreover, it would be illuminating to see how much cheaper and faster IPP-owned coal-fired power stations can be commissioned than Eskom’s efforts. Coal IPPs should have been the first […]