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Government unrelenting about wholesale open access network

  Government is unrelenting in its intention to create a wholesale open access network (WOAN).  According to the Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services Dr. Siyabonga Cwele, for the first time delegates have supported the introduction of the WOAN and made presentations on how it can be implemented.  This was said at what the department […]

Telecoms group shares plans for recently acquired company

  Neotel is now part of the pan-African telecoms group, Liquid Telecom. The R6,55-million acquisition was approved by the Competition Commission in October 2016 and the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa gave unconditional approval in December 2016. Through new capital from Liquid Telecom, which is a subsidiary of Econet Global, the company plans to […]

To regulate or deregulate the lighting industry – that is the question…

  This article describes how the lighting industry, represented by IESSA, set out to reduce the regulatory burden, but achieved exactly the opposite due to the vested commercial interests of the NRCS, SABS and certain incumbent lighting manufacturers and suppliers. The way is paved for a dysfunctional regulatory process to become even more dysfunctional, thus […]