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First locally-made biogas generator delivered

Sustain Power delivered the first locally manufactured biogas combined heat and power (CHP) generator to Ibert, a local biogas company, for use at an abattoir near Pretoria recently. Manufactured with the assistance of Unique Hydra in Cape Town, the 220 kW CHP generator is a waste-to-energy converter, fueled by organic waste such as agricultural waste, […]

Waste-to-energy plant feeds automotive company

  Bio2Watt opened a biogas plant which uses methane gas recovered from manure and food waste to drive four gas-engined generators which produce a total of 4,4 MW of electricity 24-hours a day. The plant is located on a feedlot for 25 000 head of cattle outside Bronkhorstspruit. Speaking at a media event held at […]

Utility embedded power generation from water and waste

  Existing infrastructure and service facilities of municipalities and municipal utilities hold a number of hidden energy sources which could be re-used to generate electricity in an embedded configuration for use by the municipality. This article focuses on two potential sources, waste and water. Distributed embedded generation (DEG) is usually taken to mean private generation […]