Optimal facility performance through data analytics

Data analytics, the practice of collecting and analysing data to identify operational trends, can help building and facility managers reduce major equipment spend while improving energy savings by up to 30%. Buildings account for up to 40% of energy use in most countries, making them a prime target for cutting waste, saving money and using […]

Passive and active ARC fault protection in LV switchgear

The traditional methods of passive arc fault protection and the latest active protection options and applications available to industry. Having to wear a “moon suit” against arc flashing when entering LV switch rooms is new to South Africa and many companies who have never experienced arc flash incidents are awaiting developments in the occupational health […]

How to keep VFDs and motors running

  Applied to blowers and pumps, VFDs offer energy savings and, in mechanical applications, allow fine adjustments which are impossible with other methods. Yet they are not simple plug-in-and-forget devices. Variable frequency drives (VFDs) are full of electronics and are susceptible to many problems, from incoming power disturbances to environmental hazards and incorrect use – […]

Resistance welding applications in electrical engineering, precision mechanics

The growing use of heavy-duty electronic devices and components in motor vehicles has led to increased use of previously unused or only rarely used bonding methods. While soft soldering and crimping were the most frequently used methods until just a few years ago, these methods are today reaching the limits of their possibilities due to […]

Lightning and surge protection for outdoor lighting systems

A discussion on minimum dimensions of earthing conductors, as well as standardisation and potential control for connecting lamp poles and lightning equipotential bonding for outdoor wall lamps (LPZ0A). Whether outdoor lighting is wall-mounted or installed on open terrain, it remains important to determine the lightning protection zone, LPZ0A or LPZ0B. Outdoor lighting systems in LPZ0A […]

A new approach to luminaire quality evaluation

In August 2014, IESSA formed the Lighting Industry Technical Committee (LITC) to deal with matters of concern to the South African lighting industry. The LITC has also formed a working group tasked with evaluating the status of key industry challenges. The committee makes proposals to formulate action plans to deal with matters including SABS certification […]