Ground fault protection in variable frequency drives

This article explains some aspects of how high resistance grounded (HRG) systems work; examines the various challenges with monitoring ground faults HRGs, and shows how technology can resolve those challenges. Ground faults can be dangerous. A short to ground in a solidly-grounded system creates large currents that can damage equipment and cause a shutdown. A […]

Electrical, insulation and thermal measurements for motors and drives

  Electrical, insulation resistance and thermal measurement are three tests that can troubleshoot motors, drives and associated electrical panels, and prolong their operational lifetime. Most facilities must obtain maximum life out of their motors because they are expensive to replace, in terms of both money and labour. Used together, thermal imagers can detect potential problems […]

Passive and active ARC fault protection in LV switchgear

The traditional methods of passive arc fault protection and the latest active protection options and applications available to industry. Having to wear a “moon suit” against arc flashing when entering LV switch rooms is new to South Africa and many companies who have never experienced arc flash incidents are awaiting developments in the occupational health […]