Charging electric cars is not without its challenges
For most people, the biggest challenge of an electric car is to keep the battery charged for long distance travel. Howev
Digital multimeter, thermal imager combined
Thermal imagers are invaluable to help troubleshoot electrical equipment, panels, and transformers quickly. Comtest is o
Half-brick 150 W DC-DC converters
XP Power recently announced the QSB150 series 150 W half-brick DC-DC converters aimed at a range of applications where a
PositionIT Buyers Guide 2019
The PositionIT GIS, BIM and Surveying Buyers’ Guide for 2019 provides a comprehensive listing of products, service
Celebrating 55 000 installations
Australian switchgear engineers Noja Power celebrated the achievement of 55 000 global installations of its OSM recloser
PV GreenCard programme praised
The Electrical Safety Indaba Workshop is a platform created and hosted by the Department of Labour (DoL) with the aim of
Engineer@Leisure – Steaming into history
Reefsteamers NPC is one of only a few “heritage” steam operations run largely by volunteers still active in South Af
Scholarships for nuclear studies for African students
Rosatom has announced that applications are now open for scholarships in nuclear studies, for African students to help d
Consolidation creates a turnkey solution
Following its launch in April 2018, TLT-Turbo has now finished consolidating its South African operations. The company m
Micro-grid energy management system for Maldives
Toshiba recently announced that they have won an order to supply the micro-grid energy management system (μEMS) to the