Return on Investment

FIVE Reasons why EE Publishers give their advertisers the best Return on Investment

  1. EE Publishers’ technical magazines (Vector, Energize, EngineerIT and PositionIT), both in print and online, are market leaders in their sectors in Southern Africa. We are focussed, committed and deeply embedded in the sectors we serve. All our magazines are respected, topical and courageous with a high quality of content, connecting suppliers, customers and decision makers both domestically and internationally.
  2. In addition to our monthly magazines, distributed across the sectors we serve, we host the very latest news and thought leadership content via our website and through all social media activities (Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter etc.) and, with our weekly and monthly e-newsletters, EE Publishers provides comprehensive coverage of the strategic markets we serve, i.e.:
    Energy, electricity, electronics, engineering, manufacturing, lighting, mechanical technology, instrumentation, automation, telecommunications, computing, software and geo-informatics.
  3. We are very proud to announce that as of February 2018 the EE Publishers’ website surpassed the 1 MILLION user figure, as per Google analytics, with over 42 000 page views per month. We have over 40 000 pages of information on our website which continually attracts customers and readers to our site on an ongoing basis.
  4. EE Publishers’ readers are motivated, skilled professionals, in positions of authority who are often responsible for significant capital and maintenance budgets. Comprehensive and scientifically established readership demographics are available on request for each of EE Publishers’ magazines, in print and online.
  5. Every page of our magazines, including the advertising pages, are published online, exactly as they appear in print, in a presentation that combines the advanced, high-resolution graphics and animation capabilities with the document portability, text functionality and search-ability of Adobe PDF technology. This maximises the value to advertisers, at no extra cost, by reaching the rapidly-expanding community of technology savvy, electronic-media readers. No other publisher in our sectors deliver the full content service (including advertising pages) that is provided by EE Publishers as standard.

EE Publishers’ magazines, along with the “new media” digital publishing and content delivery services we offer, maximise your company’s exposure to the industry, build businesses, generate results and undoubtedly provide the best overall return on investment.

Editorial content required to enhance Return on Investment

  1. Lead editorial/thought leadership articles: supplied by executive or business unit leader(s), covering important political, economic, social, regulatory, technology and industry issues (not sales and marketing related).
  2. Technical articles/white papers: generic important case studies, solutions, technology applications, white papers, etc. (not sales and marketing papers).
  3. Product/project/company/event news: monthly news items in EngineerIT, Energize, Vector and PositionIT magazines, approx. 100 to 350 words (+ colour photo) by PR personnel, covering specific company, product, project, people and event news of a more commercial nature.
  4. Interviews: by EE editors with executive or business unit leader(s), covering important political, economic, social, regulatory, technology and industry news (not sales and marketing issues).
  5. Sponsored content: specific sponsored (paid) content, advertorial and interviews, where a company has a greater level of editorial input and control (within EE Publishers overall style guidelines and overall review) – cost negotiable.

NB. All editorial supplied is subject to EE Publishers’ editorial guidelines and editorial control