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Network devices for maximum future readiness

Hirschmann switches, firewalls and access points can be used to implement sophisticated Profinet solutions. The devices in the OpenRail, MICE, MACH and Octopus product series include robust layer 2 and layer 3 switches and are commonly used in switch cabinets, distribution boxes, or mounted directly on machines. Comprehensive management functions together with innovative redundancy protocols […]

Colour-balanced mosaic of the Philippines

PCI Geomatics, a world-leading developer of geo-imaging software and systems, will be providing advanced image processing services to Geo-Surveys and Mapping (GSMI) to produce a high-quality 0,5 m pansharpened, colour-balanced mosaic of the Philippines. The final deliverable will be used by the Department of Agriculture in the Philippines. GSMI turned to PCI’s Professional Production team […]

Multi-purpose automatic deformation monitoring software

Leica GeoMos is a multi-purpose automatic deformation monitoring software that can be used for structural deformation monitoring; landslide and settlement detection, automated surveys and much more. The software is comprised of two main applications called “Monitor” and “Analyzer”. LeicaGeoMos Adjustment is an add-on software that allows the user to make decisions based on statistically optimised […]

Experts Q&A

Questions from industry, answers by our experts. Question We must install lightning protection services (LPSs) at a mobile phone site. How do I calculate the number of rods required to achieve a meter reading of 10 Ω? I drove in one earth rod and tested it, and achieved a reading of 268 Ω. What is […]

Critical electrical protection devices found to be counterfeits

by Chris Yelland, investigative editor, EE Publishers CBI-electric, the only manufacturer of miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) and earth leakage protection units (ELPUs) in Africa, has reported that counterfeit copies of its electrical products are being manufactured in China and imported into South Africa. Counterfeit MCB undergoing short circuit testing at CBI-electric. Counterfeit MCB under test […]

Beware when retrofitting T5 adaptor kits

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