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In conversation with Dr. Peter Martin, V-P Strategic Ventures, Invensys

Hans van de Groenendaal in conversation with Dr. Peter Martin, V-P Strategic Ventures, Invensys Dr. Peter Martin, V-P Strategic Ventures, Invensys speaks with features editor Hans van de Groenendaall on downsizing vs. empowerment. Dr. Peter Martin, vice-president of Strategic Ventures, Invensys recently addressed the Invensys User Conference “Change 2012” about one of the most pressing […]

Mobile data centre launched

ContinuitySA has launched a mobile data centre service to give clients a new way to mitigate IT risk. Market take-up has been quick, with the new mobile unit already in use at a client site. Businesses are very vulnerable to IT risk. Now, however, IT failure no longer means that the whole company has to […]

High-end motion capture system for robots

For a robot to interact with its environment, it first needs to know where it is. In robotics research, this is known as localisation and the ability to localise is a key enabler for autonomous behaviour. In outdoor environments, localisation information is often available in the form of data from global positioning systems (GPSs). However, […]

Industrial built-in computer

The PS-4000B from Pro-face is a built-in computer for industrial use. It is equipped with an advanced high-speed dual core CPU Core 2 Duo 2, 26 GHz which has become a standard CPU in common PCs, as well as PCI Express, a high-speed bus, in an expansion slot. With these high-speed components, PS-4000B is suited […]

Snap-on black and white flexible trunking for modern installations

Legrand has extended its range of adaptable DLP grey and white trunking with the launch of newly designed snap-on black and white flexible trunking for modern installations. Typical applications include hotels, offices, shopping centres, theatres and luxury homes. Also new is an antimicrobial system for use in sterile environments, including hospitals and laboratories. DLP trunking […]

Stellenbosch University joins the space race

Stellenbosch University CubeSat components. Many years after the launch of Sunsat, South Africa’s first satellite built by students and staff at Stellenbosch University, Western Cape, the Electronics Systems Laboratory (ESL) at the university is again entering the space race. The ESL has developed an altitude sensor board called CubeSense (used in establishing the satellite’s orientation […]

Golden Unit certification for platform

Ember has achieved Golden Unit certification from the ZigBee Alliance for the newly ratified ZigBee Light Link standard, a wireless interoperability standard for consumer LED lighting and control products. The standard allows consumers to wirelessly gain control over all their LED fixtures, light bulbs, timers, remotes and switches, and ensures that ZigBee certified products from […]

25 000 units of platform sold worldwide

Exfo has announced sales of over 25 000 units of its FTB-200 compact platform to over a thousand customers from all around the world, a testament to the ever-present need for high-end testing modules in small, portable formats. Leveraging years of experience in field testing, Exfo introduced the FTB-200 compact platform several years ago as […]

Third generation gateways

The new ifm gateways provide fast connection from AS-i to Profibus. Thanks to a colour display and web interface, the status of all AS-i slaves is recognisable at a single glance. The quick set-up menu and intuitive handling facilitate installation and diagnosis. In addition, the web interface allows full remote access. The flexible voltage supply […]

New range of guided wave radar level sensors

Vega Instruments SA MD John Groom and Wolfgang Perenthaler at the Vegaflex 80 series launch. Vega Instruments SA has launched a new range of guided wave radar (GWR) level sensors. Suitable for almost all level or interface measurement applications, the Vegaflex 80 series is the latest in the plics range of instruments, a modular product […]