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Five steps to creating a more flexible data centre

Information from ABB Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, famously observed back in 1965 that “The number of transistors incorporated in a chip approximately doubles every 24 months.” The timeframe has since been shortened to 18 months, and transistor count has faded as the metric for computational power. Today, the law is taken to mean that […]

From HVAC to room automation

Beckhoff recently presented its PC- and Ethernet-based control technology for building services applications for the first time at ISH in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The focus was on heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) as an important component of integrated building automation. A truly sustainable and energy-efficient solution can only be achieved through optimum interaction of all building […]

Happy 90th birthday, Eskom!

Sir I recall that sunny day in early March 1923 when it was announced in the government gazette that an Electricity Supply Commission (Escom) had been established under the chairmanship of Dr. Hendrik van der Bijl previously a technical adviser to the government. He was assisted on a part-time basis by James Fulton and Robert […]

South Africa needs engineering skills to meet development requirements

by Paul van Niekerk, SAIEE president South Africa is faced with a dichotomy that is difficult to resolve. We have high levels of unemployment and poverty, and growing unrest among young people. It is clear that the national government’s intention is to use the infrastructure development programme to achieve a development vision by transforming the […]

Energy efficiency underscores offerings

Rand-Air, part of the Atlas Copco Group, provides energy-efficient products that react to varying energy demands.  Energy consumption typically represents over 80% of an air compressor’s lifecycle cost, and accounts for about 10% of industrial electricity consumption on average. The company’s ZR series of water-cooled oil-free air compressors, with built-in energy recovery systems, recover input […]

Get substation automation in sync with IEEE 1588 v2 precise timekeeping

by Justin Wu and Bruce Chen, Moxa In the age of exploration, the British Empire was able to achieve great maritime feats thanks to a modest new invention: the marine chronometer, a clock that could keep accurate time while at sea. By setting the chronometer to the local time in the port city of Greenwich, […]

Using redundant wireless for reliable crane and heavy industry automation

by Paul Hsu, Product panager, Industrial wireless division, Moxa Heavy industry often makes use of large machinery such as boom bucket wheel stacker-reclaimers. These are massive, distributed systems that could improve their productivity and efficiency with modern wireless networking technology, such as a WLAN link between the operator’s cab and the end of the stacker […]

Power businesses combine for African infrastructre expansion

Symbion PNC is a new South African-based electricity infrastructure provider, formed through the acquisition of EJ Power, an experienced and well respected South African power network contractor, by the American company Symbion Power. Symbion Power has formally acquired a majority stake in EJ Power, which has now been rebranded as Symbion PNC. The transaction opens […]

Illustrating the technology behind industrial-grade NAS

by Bruce Chen, Project Supervisor and Kyle Pearson, Editor A network-attached storage (NAS) unit is a computer appliance used solely for data access (read/write) and backup, built from the ground up with integrated hardware and software for storing and serving files. A conventional NAS is usually a relatively large, multiple-drive machine located in a cooled […]

Substations activity report

Information from Cigré South Africa SC B3 Working Groups are gathered under the following four clusters.  Substation concepts and developments, which covers the whole substation as a system including novel bus arrangements, hybrid solutions, optimisation of power systems and utilisation of new technologies such as FACTS, superconductivity etc. Gas insulated substations (GIS), which covers all […]