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Digital signal controllers for appliance, automotive and industrial applications

Microchip announces a new family of dsPIC33 digital signal controllers (DSCs): the dsPIC33EP512GM710 family.  This is an expansion of Microchip’s dsPIC DSC portfolio that adds higher levels of integration for motor-control applications.  The new family of DSCs enables efficient dual motor control with 12 motor-control PWM channels (6 pairs), dual 12-bit ADCs, multiple 32-bit quadrature […]

Well-positioned for 4G LTE

Gemalto has won a number of innovation awards for its LTE- related platforms. Its LinqUs advanced OTA platform enables networks to smoothly transition to LTE during an evolutionary period of mixed network technologies. The company has also been the leading global technology behind many high-profile commercial LTE deployments, including Verizon and MetroPCS, the first two […]

International conference on engineering and business education

Prof. Norbert Gruenwald, Wismar University; Prof. Anthony Staak, Peninsula University of Technology; Prof. Uwe Lammel, Wismar University and Dr. Roger Silberberg, MBS. The 6th ICEBE was held in Windhoek in October, 2013. This conference focuses on improving the collaboration between engineering and business sciences, and business and academia. The theme of the conference was “Innovation, […]

Ask an expert… about measurement

Mike Weidenmann has been with Wika Instruments since 1987. He worked as quality controller and supervisor of several production departments, and became regional manager for Wika’s Johannesburg branch in 2003. Download the Pdf

Predictive diagnostics for switchgear

Information from Eaton Corporation Advances in materials science, designing and in manufacturing process made medium voltage switchgear reliable, but insulation failures continue to happen, often resulting in equipment damage. Please download the PDF

Antenna matching for RFID reader

This article describes the design method for determining an antenna matching circuit. While there are an infinite number of possible impedance matching networks, this application example focuses on a 50 Ω three element match. A three-element match is recommended as it allows the designer to select the required antenna quality factor, Q, for the application. […]

Fork mud scraper kit launched

Officially presented at EICMA (71st International Motorcycle Exhibition, Milan, 7th -10th November 2013), the fork mud scraper kit is an innovative solution developed specifically for the off-road market. It is designed to be positioned above the fork without the need to dismantle the wheel, due to an innovative design, the solution is applied to the […]

SEW Eurodruve 189/12CMMB:Demo conveyor system for UJ students

Engineering students at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) are gaining a better understanding of conveyor systems thanks to a joint initiative between international automation company Festo and drive engineering company SEW-Eurodrive. Festo installed a prefabricated conveyor system in July 2012, which forms part of a comprehensive workshop which simulates real-life scenarios for the UJ mine engineering […]

Operational excellence for the mining industry

  Information from Honeywell A basic requirement for mining operations is to track materials as they move through the value chain; plan and schedule future activities; improve asset availability and utilisation and increase asset effectiveness. Understanding the mining value chain Mining operations generally have a variety of disparate systems in place to fulfill set point […]

The EcA (SA) Presidential Awards 2013 cateeory – Best Employer Award

Nominee: [ato Ridee Elettrital[onstruttion(Pty) Ltd Nominated by: Dr. Ghamiet  AysenDirettor  of [ato Ridee Elettrital The ECA- Presidential Awards 2013 Category: Nominee: Nominated by: The Best Employer AwardCato Ridge Electrical ConstructionDr. Ghamiet Aysen  Introduction I, Dr. Ghamiet Aysen, recognize  that Cato Ridge Electrical Construction is a company  that goes above and beyond the normal call of duty for […]