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Annual Report: KwaZulu-Natal

I often hear members say “when construction is quiet, electricians are quiet.” To an extent, I agree… Download the pdf

Full integration of terminal operations

Honeywell recently announced an update to its next generation terminal manager server software built on the Experion platform, offering full integration of fire and gas, closed circuit television, access control, digital video manager and enterprise building integrator systems. Terminal Manager R630 includes the industry’s first configurable workflows for faster set up, setting a new standard […]

LED lighting for historic art gallery

Philips Lighting South Africa has lit the Phillips room in the Johannesburg Art Gallery (JAG). The room is named after Lady Phillips, wife of mining magnate Sir Lionel Phillips and founder of the gallery in 1915. The lighting installed is known as Coreline Trunking, an LED lighting solution which offers quality, reduced maintenance and energy […]

Energy needs good logistics

Africa is the region with highest increase in oil consumption globally – 5% in 2012 versus only a 1% increase globally. The recent oil and gas finds in Africa will continue to have a positive impact on local economies, if local African suppliers, service providers and other businesses are geared up to service this growth. […]

Course on project management examination

The Project Management Institute will present the Davis and Dean Project Management Professional (PMP) exam preparation course at the Wanderers Conference Centre in Johannesburg between 27 and 31 January 2014 and between 24 and 28 March 2014. The course is a 35 hour, 4,5 day training seminar based on project management principles approved by the […]

Reed element for T-slot cylinder sensors

A reed element now also belongs to Ifm’s family of T-slot cylinder sensors for the AC/DC voltage range up to 120 V. The sensor’s response sensitivity to magnetic field changes is comparable to that of common electronic cylinder sensors. The Ifm sensor can be locked in the T-slot by its self-locking mechanism and the fixing […]

Solar water heater training and support in the Eastern Cape

Solar water heater training and support in the Eastern Cape The CSIR is requesting proposals from organisation which can provide training and technical support for community members on the installation of solar water geysers in the Eastern Cape, border Drakensberg, region.  Kindly reply to this email to express interest,   Contact Adrian Di Lollo, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research […]

Surge arrester for universal use

Dehn’s Blitzductor XTU is surge arrester for instrumentation and automation systems that adapts itself to the nominal voltage of the installation. The combined lightning current and surge arrester can be used for all voltages from 0 to 180 V DC.  Moreover, it continuously adapts its voltage protection level to the currently applied signal voltage and is […]

Biometrics for controlled access

Booyco Electronics’ key licensing system is attracting widespread interest in the local mining industry. The biometric key unit is the ideal solution where controlled access to moveable items is essential. This unit eliminates the injudicious borrowing of keys or access cards, thereby limiting access to sensitive and critical equipment. The system requires dual verification through […]

Mid-power packaged LEDs launched

  Seoul Semiconductor has announced two new mid-power packaged LED lighting products, the 5630C and the 3030. These LEDs have been improved dramatically in terms of lumen efficacy and cost efficiency. The 5630 package provides a light output with180 lm/W efficacy, and is an extension of the mid-power LED lighting family which the company released […]