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Testing substation protection systems

With the new PCA2 protection condition analyser from Megger, it is now possible to test simultaneously all key elements of substation protection systems including the protection relay, circuit breaker, DC system, and protection circuitry. The unit captures detailed information about the full protection operation sequence, before, during and after the trip, making it an ideal […]

Safety glow-in-the-dark tape for power failures

K-Sun’s photoluminescent glow-in-the-dark tape (Photolum) is a disaster prevention product used to mark items or emergency exits that may be required during a power failure. These include flashlights, tools, back-up power enerators, fire extinguishers,emergency evacuation route indication, and similar equipment required in a power failure situation. Providing high-level luminance, the tape provides long-term performance with […]

Reservation of work for planners

Land surveyors are outraged about a call for comments issued by the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform on the Draft Regulations for The Planning Profession Act, (ACT No. 36 of 2002). Their alarm regarding the proposed Act centres specifically on Section 4: Reservation of work exclusively for professional and technical planners, which is […]

Anything becomes your canvas

The Barco HDQ-2K40 and HDF-W26 projectors have made their debut at the Siemens 5C’s Gala Awards evening, where brand landscapes were projected directly onto the Siemens building in Midrand, JHB. The magical thing about these projectors is that anything becomes your canvas. The power of the Barco projectors lies in their ability to project onto […]

State of the skilled labour force: an engineer’s perspective

  by Brian Turner, retired engineer The powers that be cannot seem to understand why we have a major shortage of skilled people in South Africa. Unfortunately, this is not something that has occurred overnight but rather started back in the 1980s. Take, for instance, the certificated engineer. Before 1980, factories, for example, were governed […]

Find out about the founder!

I refer to your article in the October 2013 issue of Vector, “New luminary for lighting industry”. Your article starts with the words, “Luminaire and GRP pole manufacturer Beka became an international player in the world lighting market when founder and former MD Johann Schleritzko recently sold his shareholding in the company to the Belgian […]

High-pressure oil-controlled brakes for winders

by Grant Ray Sutherland, 1958 From the ICMEESA archive A calliper-type brake gear designed to operate with oil-controlled spring units for even distribution of pressure and wear. Download the PDF document

First solar plant to supply Eskom with power in Kimberley area

Droogfontein Solar Power will be the first solar plant to supply Eskom with power in the Kimberley area, and one of the first solar projects to export power in South Africa. This is a milestone for the region and will ensure that the project remains on schedule. The export of power to the Eskom grid […]

Low voltage motor protection relay

The NewCode relay from NewElec is an ISO 9001:2000 compliant, locally designed and manufactured three phase electronic motor protection relay. The relay is fully configurable with the aid of free front-end software or a man-machine interface unit (MMI). An on-board data base stores fault and event records, which are date and time stamped. The front-end […]

Distributed control system for small to mid-size process applications

Honeywell recently announced the release of Experion LX, a purpose-built distributed control system for small to mid-size operations with continuous and batch process control applications. Experion LX is designed specifically for smaller plants (less than 5000 I/O points, one engineering server and up to 15 operator stations), that require a control system that is easy […]