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Camera system to capture UK national dataset

  Bluesky International  has contracted with Microsoft’s UltraCam business unit and subsidiary to purchase an UltraCam Eagle digital aerial photogrammetric camera system with a 100 mm lens, an UltraNav GNSS-Inertial Direct Georeferencing and Flight Management System and a gyro-stabilised UltraMount. The UltraCam Eagle has an ultra-large footprint that results in enhanced data collection capabilities. Bluesky […]

Versatile airborne lidar systems

  Trimble have announced two new additions to its airborne lidar  portfolio. The Trimble AX60i and AX80 are highly capable, versatile systems that meet the demands of aerial survey operators for corridor and wide area mapping projects. The new airborne systems, together with flight planning and analysis software tools, have been designed to provide rapid […]

Manufacturer of intelligent multicopter systems acquired

  Hexagon, a global provider of design, measurement and visualisation solutions, has acquired Aibotix, a manufacturer of intelligent multicopter systems for high efficiency aerial applications. Aibotix is the maker of Aibot X6, a new generation of vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Intelligent, autonomous and safe, the multi-rotor platform is designed to suit […]

Map of Gauteng’s backyard structures

This map  shows the spatial location and density of backyard structures, using the GeoTerralmage 2010 (2012 release) land per building dataset which maps individual structures. Backyard structures are displayed by mapping the sum of backyard structures per honeycomb grid. The highest number of the backyard structures were found in the city of Johannesburg (270 315) followed […]

Energy storage to reach 40 GW by 2022

  The rapid growth of intermittent renewables, especially solar PVs, has made energy storage a pressing priority. While consumers with rooftop PVs look forward to the day when they can store their excess generation during sunny periods for later use, utilities fear that the fate the landline telephone companies, which lost millions of customers to […]

When should we buy into the cloud?

  by Richard Vester, EOH Cloud Services Companies face important IT challenges today. Not only do they have to deploy and run their business applications with agility, their infrastructures need to scale to support growth while maintaining quality of service – all in a cost-efficient manner. Cloud computing has been flagged as the new mantra […]

Third-party cloud services gain traction in Africa

  World Wide Worx and Cisco’s recent study of cloud computing trends in Africa suggests the continent is gaining confidence in both the reliability and security of the cloud. In support of this forecast, Ovum predicts that cloud services spend in South Africa will likely double over the next four years, growing from $190-million in […]

New I/O modules extends system functions

  The new SafetyBridge I/O modules from Phoenix Contact expand the network-independent SafetyBridge system in terms of flexibility, functionality, and application areas. The new modules include a safe input module with added inputs, as well as a new logic module with extensive functional upgrades. The logic module can now communicate with up to 16 remote […]

Wind lidar system accepted for speed assessments

  DNV GL has announced that the Zephir 300 wind lidar system has been accepted for use in bankable / finance-grade wind speed and energy assessments with either no or limited on-site net mast comparisons under “benign” conditions. It is the first commercial wind lidar system to achieve accreditation at this level. The system measures wind characteristics […]

Survey-grade lidar for unmanned aircraft systems

Riegl Laser Measurement Systems has introduced the world’s first survey-grade UAS lidar sensor. The innovative sensor was designed to meet the challenges of emerging surveying solutions by UAS, gyrocopters, and ultra-light aircraft, both in measurement performance and in system integration. The VUX-1 is an ultra lightweight lidar  sensor with less than 4 kg overall weight, […]