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High resolution seafloor and bathymetry survey

  The Mexican National Commission for Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity (CONABIO) contracted EOMAP, a satellite data service provider, to deliver high-resolution environmental information of the entire Maya coast, a 600 km coastline. To fulfill its mission, CONABIO relies on accurate and fine scale baseline maps for land and sea. For Mexico’s extended coastlines, traditional […]

MTN to lead the FTTH race

  It looks as though promises of fibre to the home, offering speeds of 100 Mbps, are at last becoming a reality, with MTN introducing the service commercially on 1 June 2014. On 12 April 2014, MTN SA demonstrated its high-speed fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) offering to residents of Monaghan Farm – an eco-friendly gated estate, located […]