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Gallery: Agricultural Information Symposium 2014

  The Limpopo Department of Agriculture hosted the first annual Agricultural Geographic Information Symposium (AgriGIS), themed “Mapping agricultural excellence”, from 13 to 14 November 2014 near Tzaneen. The purpose of the conference, as explained by the department’s GIS manager Makopoi Nkopane, is to empower Limpopo GIS professionals by promoting and establishing a platform for knowledge and […]

Young volcanoes on the moon?

  There’s nothing odd about volcanoes on the moon, per se.  Much of the moon’s ancient surface is covered with hardened lava. The main features of the “Man on the Moon” are, in fact,  old basaltic flows deposited billions of years ago when the moon was wracked by violent eruptions. Back in 1971, Apollo 15 […]

Q&A: Data centres – exploring the trends

  Aurecon’s Peter Greaves, expertise leader, data and ICT facilities, explores the latest thinking surrounding the current and future state of data centres globally. Contact him on What are the current trends in the data centre environment? A more integrated approach to energy efficiency. Currently, everyone is focused on energy efficiency, but this is […]

132 kV, 350 MVA, 2500 mm2 Milliken cable

  CBI-electric: african cables is a fully SABS and ISO accredited market leader in the supply, design and manufacturing of electric power cables. The company offers Milliken segmental conductors from 1200 to 2500 mm2 in non-water blocked and water blocked versions with SABS IEC 60840 water penetration type-test certification. CBI-electric is the first company in […]

TrigNet, South Africa’s GNSS base station network

  The TrigNet network currently consists of 67 base stations, which have a maximum inter-station spacing distance of 300 km. The data from these base stations is streamed, via dedicated leased lines, to the NGI office in Cape Town where it is processed and made available, free of charge, to national and international users. Future […]

Why IT struggles to innovate

  Austerity is such an ugly word; it simply translates into budget restraints. Increasingly, it seems virtually impossible for information technology (IT) to meet all business demands. As business keeps changing, IT needs to respond rapidly and innovate in order to stay relevant. How will IT meet increasing business expectations, rapid increases in the pace […]