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ICT regulation should support innovation – not stifle it

  The latest edition of  the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)’s comprehensive report on global ICT regulatory developments, Trends in Telecommunication Reform 2015, reveals a fast-evolving ICT landscape, as devices and services proliferate, broadband connectivity becomes increasingly pervasive, and the hyper-connected world of the “‘internet of everything”  becomes a reality. The report confirms that future network traffic […]

From small beginnings to regional growth

NEC Europe, a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation, has invested in XON, the sub-Sahara African ICT group. The two organisations will have an integrated market approach that will combine their local expertise in the region to provide greater business coverage in the sub-Sahara African market and accelerate regional growth for both companies in the […]

Bloemfontein 5 MHz beacon enhances the SARL propagation research project

  The South African Radio League (SARL) propagation research project is based on a number of automated beacons using a program called “Weak Signal Propagation Reporter” (WSPR). During July 2015 the scope of the project was greatly enhanced when a beacon was installed in Bloemfontein. For the past few months the focus was on short […]

Activities of Cigré’s study committee B1 (insulated cables)

  Cigré study committee (SC) B1 covers all types of AC and DC insulated cable systems for both land and submarine applications, and focuses mainly, but not exclusively, on high voltage and extra high voltage systems. Within this field, the SC covers theory, design, applications, manufacture, installation, testing, operation, maintenance and diagnostic techniques of insulated […]

Commencement of the Geomatics Profession Act

  President Jacob Zuma has determined 1 August 2015 as the day on which the Geomatics Professions Act and the Property Valuation Act will come into operation. Geomatics Profession Act The president has, in terms of section 40 of the Geomatics Professions Act, 2013 (Act No. 19 of 2013), determined the date as suitable to […]