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The rise of the mining machines

  Speaking at a South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM) meeting about the kind of person that will work in a future mine, Dr. Declan Vogt from the University of the Witwatersrand’s Centre for Mechanised Mining Systems got to the heart of technological evolution – that people change slower than technology, usually only […]

Prefabricated data centres an efficient sustainable solution

  The main challenge numerous data centres are facing is that they are running out of space. A solution to this problem by Schneider Electric, is its new prefabricated data centre solutions. Schneider Electric has named its new solution, SmartShelter Data Hall, and it is ideally suited for service providers, cloud operators, and large enterprises where […]

Quarter-turn actuator for process automation

  Modular, resilient, versatile – these are the core properties of the quarter-turn actuator DFPD from Festo. This rack and pinion combination is thus suitable for many requirements in the process industry. Thanks to its versatility and flexibility, the DFPD can be used in several sectors and markets. Its modern, simple and compact design is noteworthy, whether […]

Developing countries the biggest users of the internet – but 3,9-billion still have no access

  New data released by the International Telecommunicaitons Union (ITU) shows that 3,9-billion people remain cut-off from the vast resources available on the internet, despite falling prices for ICT services. The ITU report “ICT Facts & Figures 2016”  shows that developing countries now account for the vast majority of internet users, with 2,5-billion users compared […]