2017 Southern African power system protection conference

November 8th, 2017, Published in Uncategorised articles

New and emerging solutions for sampled value process bus IEC 61850-9-2 standard: An editor’s perspective
by V Skendzic and D Dolezilek, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

From conventional protection technology to the process bus: A new dimension in power grid reliability and efficiency
by Marco Rahner and Holger Heine, Siemens

Enhanced distance protection for series compensated transmission lines
by N Perera, K Narendra, K Ponram, R Midence and A Oliveira, ERLPhase Power Technologies; and A Dasgupta, ERL Marketing International

New smart multi-ended differential solution for power networks
by G Loyd, Joao Jesus, Simon Richards and Hengxu Ha, GE Grid Solutions

Sub-harmonic protection application for interconnections of series compensated lines and wind farms
by R Midence, ERLPhase Power Technologies; J Perez, SynchroGrid; and A Mulawarman, Xcel Energy

Experiences with conformance test procedures for IEC 61850 edition 2 system and IED configuration tools
by Peter Kreutzer, Stephan Gerspach, and Roman Graf, ABB; and Bas Mulder, DNV GL

Node-based analysis of GOOSE communications in IEC 61850 substations
by J Chuang and CH Lin, Moxa; and R Wright, RJ Connect

R-GOOSE: Principles, applications and benefits
by Alexander Apostolov, Omicron Electronics

A novel method for turn-to-turn fault detection in shunt reactors
by Sarasij Das, Indian Institute of Science; Tarlochan Sidhu, University of Ontario Institute of Technology; Mohammad Reza Dadash Zadeh, ETAP; and Zhiying Zhang, GE Grid Solutions

Adaptive autoreclosure to increase system stability and reduce stress to circuit breakers
by Jörg Blumschein and Yilmaz Yelgin, Siemens; and Andrea Ludwig, 50Hertz Transmission

Shortcomings of the low impedance restricted earth fault function as applied to an auto transformer
by Anura Perera and Paul Keller, Eskom Transmission

Distributed energy resources protection requirements in future distribution grids
by Hannu Laaksonen, Sinisa Zubic and Juha Ylinen, ABB

Extended voltage-cabability of decentralised generation
by SH Hoppert, TS Sybel and MH Huzmezan, Eberle

FITNESS: GB’s pilot multi-vendor digital substation – architecture and design philosophy
by C Patterson, P Mohapatra and C Fundulea, SP Energy Networks; C. Popescu-Cirstucescu, ABB; G Lloyd and P Newman, GE Grid Solutions

IEC 61850 interoperability: The good, the bad, and the ugly
by Bruce Muschlitz, NovaTech

Lessons learned and successful root cause analysis of elusive Ethernet network failures in installed systems
by D Dolezilek, J Dearien and M van Rensburg, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Digital substation: dream or nightmare?
by PG Smit, Powertech System Integrators

IEC 61850 beyond compliance: A case study of modernising automation systems in transmission power substations in Emirate of Dubai towards smart grid
by Sultan Al Obaidli, Venkataraman Subramaniam, Hamood Alhuseini, and Ramesh Gupta, Dubai Electricity & Water Authority; David Dolezilek, Amandeep Kalra and Prasanth Sankar, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Requirements and methods for reducing fault clearing times in smart grids
by Alexander Apostolov, Omicron Electronics

Redesign of the Eskom Cape Corridor out-of-step tripping scheme
by A Bartylak, Eskom

Moving the focus from relay element testing to protection system testing
by Christopher Pritchard, Omicron Electronics; David Costello and Karl Zimmerman, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Techniques for automating hardware-in-loop testing of protective relays and protection schemes
by BS Rigby, etalumiSe

Advanced simulation of IEDS
by Thomas Schossig, Omicron Electronics

Generator turn-to-turn fault protection using a stator-rotor-bound differential element
by Bogdan Kasztenny, Normann Fischer, Héctor J Altuve and Douglas Taylor, IEEE

Advanced generator protection and monitoring using transducer measurements
by Terry Foxcroft, Snowy Hydro; Normann Fischer, Dale Finney, Satish Samineni and Yu Xia, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Establising and optimising an automatic fault analysis system for Eskom Transmission
by JG Bekker and J Spoelstra, Eskom Transmission

Microprocessor based advanced bus protection scheme using IEC 61850 process bus (9-2) sampled values
by K Narendra, K Ponram, N Perera, R Midence and A Oliveira, ERLPhase Power Technologies; and  A Dasgupta, ERL Marketing International

Automated testing of busbar differential protection using a system-based approach
by Christopher Pritchard and Florian Fink, Omicron Electronics

Application vs. security: The cyber-security requirements in a modern substation automation system
by Sagar Dayabhai, Conco Energy Solutions

Practical setting considerations for protective relays that use incremental quantities and travelling waves
by Bogdan Kasztenny, Armando Guzmán, Normann Fischer, Mangapathirao V Mynam and Douglas Taylor, Schweitzer Engineering

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