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Diesel standby generators and the environment  

Diesel standby plant has an impact on the environment and is subject to regulations governing noise levels and emissions. The diesel standby plant (DSP) forms an essential part of the electricity supply network and appears in many forms and in many places. In the past, the DSP was common at high-reliability sites such as telecommunications […]

Oral agreements for building and related work a “minefield of risk”

Oral agreements for electrical installation work are theoretically legal but frequently cause enormous problems, says Uwe Putlitz, CEO of the Joint Building Contracts Committee (JBCC). He says an oral agreement between an employer and an electrical contractor to undertake work based on discussions between the two parties – perhaps a drawing and/or a job description […]

Custom mobile map app updated

Avenza Maps 3.5, a mobile map app for offline use, has been released for iOS and Android. This update contains new features and performance improvements as well as other fixes. The Unlock Map Imports subscription tier has been renamed to Plus – the subscription still allows users to import as many of their own maps […]