22% of young mobile users are victims of cyber crime

April 9th, 2015, Published in Articles: EngineerIT

According to a survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, over a twelve-month period the children of 22% of respondents were affected by cyber incidents. These incidents included outbreaks of cyber-bullying or encountering sites containing material damaging for youngsters. Children who use mobile devices can be even more vulnerable because they are free to surf the internet at any time or place, without adult supervision.

In a security threat survey carried out during 2014 40% of adults believe that the number of online threats to their children is growing, while 22% feel that they cannot control what their child sees or does online. Last year children of 21% of the respondents faced some kind of cyber threat on the web, and 20% lost adults’ data or money.

While surfing the internet, children may come across web pages containing inappropriate information, for example, websites with erotic content or information about weapons or drugs. Another common problem arises when search results don’t lead to the kind of information the user is looking for. For example, a child might search for cartoons but get results about cartoons for adults.

Social networks are a serious source of threats too. Children can indiscriminately add anyone as a friend, making acquaintances and communicating with people who might upset or mislead them, or try to get confidential information from them. In particular, 21% of parents lost money or confidential information stored on their device due to their child’s activities, the survey showed.

It is important to remember that some threats are universal and can affect people of all ages. However, because children are less experienced they may be more vulnerable to these. For example, they may not properly understand how dangerous a site or a file can be, leading them to download infected files or enter data on a phishing page.

Information technologies can help protect children online. Ensure that they are safe from cyber threats on mobile devices. Tools are available that  can automatically block dangerous content, filter unwanted sites and provide you with the reports containing information on the applications installed by your children.

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