3D vector maps for the web

August 5th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Here Technologies has launched the beta release of harp.gl, a new open source 3D web map renderer. It is a full-fledged vector map renderer built on the latest web technologies. Combining harp.gl’s immersive visuals with Here Technologies map data will give users a high quality location visualisation experience on the web. Building products like high-definition maps with lane-level detail and venue maps with multiple levels requires advanced visualisation tools to help accelerate the development process. The tool was developed with web first, open source and flexibility as key principles. It was written with web technologies such as WebGL, three.js, and TypeScript. Being open source, harp.gl is developed with transparency to the community. One of the design goals was a flexible architecture to support a wide variety of use cases. Harp.gl does not limit users to using only Here Technologies data sources, and works with several data providers such as Mapbox, Nextzen, or any other vector tile service, as well as static GeoJSON, raster tiles, three.js objects, or any custom source. Harp.gl can render true 3d objects, including advanced textures and geometries, and the map’s tilt can be customised. As a vector renderer, harp.gl gives users the options to customize any and all map features with a styling language. You can add harp.gl to your app either as a set of TypeScript node modules or using a JavaScript bundle API. 3D city models and landmarks, 3D terrain and advanced post-processing are in the works for future releases.

Contact Stefanie Sirc, Here Technologies, stefanie.sirc@here.com

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