5th Nedbank and EE Publishers seminar: Picture Gallery 1

November 27th, 2019, Published in Uncategorised articles

The fifth Nedbank/EE Publishers seminar “ICT infrastructure to support effective ICT ecosystems for electricity utilities of the future” focused on the changes the digitalisation of systems will have on the way in which electricity will be generated, distributed and used in the future. In the new world, the old approach of centralised generation with long high-voltage transmission lines to reach consumers at the end, will be replaced with a meshed network of large, medium and literally thousands of relatively small, distributed generators embedded “behind the meter” on customers’ premises. This seminar explored the need, role and value of effective ICT infrastructure to facilitate and support this revolutionary change in the business of electricity supply, incorporating the so-called “smart grid” and associated “prosumer” services in South Africa. Delegates heard that a more robust, faster and lower-cost ICT infrastructure will be necessary to support the benefits which could be achieved as emerging technologies are implemented.

Thabang Chiloane, divisional executive for Nedbank Group Strategic Relations and Public Affairs, chaired the seminar. Presenters included: Prof. Barry Dwolatzky from the school of electrical and electronic engineering at Wits University; Dr Rob Stephen, the international president of Cigre and master specialist in the technology group at Eskom; Dr Minnish Bipath, the acting CIO and GM for smartgrids data and knowledge management and cleaner mobility at SANEDI; and Tim Ohlsen, the CEO of Eldo Energy and co-founder of Blockstarters.

Sponsors of the seminar included Continuity SA, Cummins, Eaton, Liquid Telecom, Qwyx and Terraco.

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