800 and 1500 W programmable AC-DC power supplies

February 18th, 2014, Published in Articles: EngineerIT


Vepac-Electronics-138-03-2014XP Power recently announced the HDS series of 800 and 1500 W highly efficient programmable AC-DC power supplies. With a typical efficiency of up to 93%, these single output low profile supplies measure 249,0 x 127,0 x 40,9 mm for the 800 W models and 280 x 127 x 63,5 mm for the 1500 W range and fit into an industry standard 1U or 2U profile. Two front mounted variable speed fans, included in the above dimensions, help conserve energy and keep noise to a minimum. The power density of these compact units is greater than 10 W per cubic inch. Both the output voltage and output current are programmable from 0% through to 105% of stated nominal through a serial RS232 interface, I2C interface, a 0 to +5 VDC input or via an external potential divider. By programming the output current a true constant current output is achieved down to almost zero volts, this being significantly better than the industry norm which is typically only goes down to 20 – 40%.

Contact Edwin Brown, Vepac Electronics, Tel 011 609-7122, edwin@vepac.co.za

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