A framework for AI in mining

October 30th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

GMG has published Foundations of AI: A Framework for AI in Mining – a white paper that offers an overview of the process of planning for and implementing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for mining companies.

AI-based innovation is being used increasingly in the mining industry as a means to improve processes and decision-making, derive value from data and increase safety, but the levels of operational maturity are variable across the industry. Though many mining stakeholders are adopting AI, there is still uncertainty about the technology and how it can be harnessed in the mining industry.

This white paper – developed collaboratively through workshops, conference calls and online collaboration tools – addresses a variety of concerns, such as the challenge of establishing data infrastructure, apprehensions about the effect on the workforce and worries about failure after investing substantial time and funds into an AI project. It offers a realistic strategy for building a foundation for planning, implementing and moving forward with AI.

The primary audience is those in charge of introducing or expanding the use of AI in mining companies. Having this information available will also help cut through the hype that surrounds AI. This document will further be useful for those who are part of the ecosystem that surrounds mining companies, which comprises those who will assist in applying the technology, culture and safety considerations and regulatory frameworks that are necessary for a successful AI strategy.

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