Rugged PLC for extreme environments

September 20th, 2013, Published in Articles: Vector

A new ruggedised PLC system from ABB provides an easy-to-implement solution for controlling equipment in harsh conditions and extreme climates. The company’s “extreme conditions” AC500-XC PLC is protected against a wide variety of threats including high and low temperature, high humidity, low air pressure, salt mist and hazardous gases, and vibration and shock. This typically reduces system building costs by eliminating the need for sophisticated protective enclosures with special seals, HVAC, shock absorbers, EMC protection, etc. Embedded protection features ensure that PLC-based control systems stay functional and reliable even when operating in hostile environments such as mines, tunnels, vessels, cranes, water and wastewater plants, offshore platforms, wind turbines, solar trackers and weather and navigation stations. This system is a ruggedised variant of ABB’s modular AC500 PLC.

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