3D laser scanner for stockpile inventory management

June 20th, 2013, Published in Articles: PositionIT

ABB’s VM3D Volumetric Laser Scanner is designed to measure the volume of bulk material stockpiles stored in the open or in large silos, bunkers, domes, and sheds. The system integrates high accuracy laser sensors with remote monitoring and data processing services for measurement of all visible surfaces, regardless of texture, granularity, slope, and/or colour. The VM3D sensor auto-ranges to measure points from 0,5 m to 93 m. The narrow beam divergence of the laser combines with precise, mechanical scanning that covers a complete hemisphere. This creates a tight cloud of data points that are used to develop a surface map. The scanner transmits raw data over 3G phone networks to the ABB data centre. There, the data is analysed using building blueprints to determine a baseline and inventory depth. The analysis also eliminates artifacts from the volume estimates, like machinery and building structures. The result is an image of the stockpile and an accurate estimate of the volume and mass that are securely transmitted back to the user.

Contact Nadia Nilsen, ABB, Tel 010 202-5000, nadia.nilsen@za.abb.com

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