Special lens eliminates glare

August 23rd, 2013, Published in Articles: Vector

The KL range of lamps available from AC/DC Dynamics and its distribution points uses a specially-designed lens which eliminates glare and provides even light distribution – an innovative technology which reduces glare and eye strain. The lenses’ design makes it possible to project light all around the lamp, providing the same effect as old incandescent lamps. For example, a chandelier can now be retrofitted with LED candle lamps which will provide the required lighting effect without spoiling the aesthetic appeal of the installation. Handy tips for choosing a bulb would be to estimate the desired brightness (lamp brightness will be stated on the packaging, in lumen). Choose a lamp that is equivalent to the traditional lamp you are replacing, e.g. to replace a 50 W halogen downlight, choose an LED downlight with a lumen output of +/- 500 lm. Choose the required lamp type e.g. downlight, candle, etc. and the base type (e.g. screw-in, bayonet, 2-pin, etc). Choose between standard and dimmable bulbs – some LED bulbs are now available as dimmable bulbs.

Contact Sara Ross, ACDC Dynamics, Tel 010 202-3300, sara@acdc.co.za

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