Access point enclosure system

March 4th, 2014, Published in Articles: EngineerIT


Extronics has recently announced the launch of the iWAP107, the latest in the iWAP series of Atex and IECEx approved access point enclosure systems. The new iWAP107 brings the advantages of Mimo technology to hazardous process areas. Previously, WiFi links in heavy process areas have been badly affected by multipath interference created by the abundance of metallic structures causing the signal to scatter before arrival. In contrast, Mimo uses multipath algorithms to increase the range, throughput and robustness of the data link by capturing the scattered signals and recompiling them. The new iWAP107 enclosure system allows the latest Mimo access points from Cisco and Aruba to be deployed in hazardous areas to significantly improve wireless performance and reliability. This system also comes with  iSolate500 RF galvanic isolators, which makes all the antenna points intrinsically safe. This enables any standard antenna to be used with the system and allows conventional wiring of RF connections. Designed for use in Atex and IECEx Zone 1 hazardous areas, the iWAP107 is a perfect system to allow data to be unlocked from difficult process areas such as oil rigs and heavy petro-chemical sites.

Gary Friend, Extech Safety Systems, Tel 011 791-6000,

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