Light control film for controlled viewing

July 27th, 2012, Published in Articles: Vector

In this light control film, the microlouvers allow for controlled viewing so an unauthorised observer’s line of sight is blocked. It is ideal for confidential viewing on CRTs, automatic teller machines (ATM) and anywhere privacy viewing is desired. The microlouvers also help block out annoying off-axis light while maximising the transmission from the display to the viewer. The result is improved display contrast with minimal loss of brightness for viewing in sunlight. Light is directed to where it is needed or away from where it is not. The fild thus eliminates night-time window reflections in automotive and aeronautical applications, and can also be used to hide the light source in incandescent lighting applications. Contrast is improved and glare reduced on electronic displays by blocking out annoying off-axis light, making the display more comfortable to read. The microlouvers maximise the transmission from the display to improve the image with little loss of brightness.

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