Adjustable, diffusing coal valve

July 14th, 2014, Published in Articles: Energize


NT SeriesCombustion Technology offers the NT Series coal valve to balance coal pipes while also maintaining or creating a more homogenous coal distribution in the coal/air stream of the coal pipe, which is essential for optimising combustion.  The use of the NT valve allows for reduced NOx, unburned carbon in ash and CO, as well as improved boiler performance.   It can also lead to decreased slagging and boiler tube leaks. Because the coal in a coal pipe is prone to roping (flowing in very small, concentrated areas within the coal conduit), any means of adjusting or restriction in the pipe needs to take this into consideration and act to break up a rope or distribute the coal more evenly across the pipe cross-section. The coal valve is easy to install in any pipe size and is designed to minimize installation costs as no pipe section needs to be removed – though a flanged “spoolpiece” is available as an option.

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