Oil-immersed transformers to meet power grid requirements

July 31st, 2012, Published in Articles: Energize

The Oil-immersed power transformers manufactured by our company are designed and developed to meet the requirements of the power grid. The technical performance is better than GB/T6451 Specification and Technical Requirements for Three-phase Oil-immersed Power Transformer, and IEC60076:2000. The products have the characteristics of low loss, low noise, low partial discharge, high over-load capacity, strong short circuit withstand ability and non-hanging core. The safety, reliability and economy make the products first-class. The no-load loss is 30% lower than GB/T6451-1999, load loss 10%~20% lower than GB. Sound level is lower than 65 dB. The core uses good quality and low loss grain-oriented cold rolled silicon steel sheet, which effectively lowers the no-load loss of transformer. The HV, MV and LV winding is wound on high strength and good extension insulation cylinder. The LV winding adopts the transposition wire or semi-hard copper wire. The HV/MV winding is wound by high strength dennison paper wound composite conductor. It reduces the eddy current loss and circulating current loss greatly and improves the anti-short circuit ability. All the windings have inner auxiliary stay and outer locking stay, which improves the mechanical strength and anti-short circuit ability greatly. Besides, HV, MV and LV windings have inner oil-guiding construction to lower the winding hottest point temperature rise and to prolong life. The separated regulation winding makes the turns-ratio more balanced. All in all, depending on the modern technology, perfect quality assurance system and all the staff’s responsibility and pioneering spirit, our company always makes the products with low partial discharge, low noise, low loss and high reliability.

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