Improved memory timing measurements

November 19th, 2013, Published in Articles: EngineerIT

As system speeds increase, customers need even faster deep memory timing measurements across a large number of input channels, which is what Agilent’s 16850 series of logic analysers deliver. Combining this capability with a wide variety of probing options allows digital system designers the fastest possible debug across a wide range of applications. Developers of high-speed digital devices use logic analysers to accelerate the debug and validation phase of system design. Often, they must trigger measurements on signs of trouble, such as a time-out signal or error flag, when the root cause actually occurred long before the trigger point. The 16850 series’ high-speed timing capture with deep memory lets the designer look back in time to observe the location of the root cause of failure. The high sample resolution of these instruments makes it possible to differentiate timing problems from functional problems, providing the insight needed to shorten the debug and validation process and bring products to market more quickly. With 2,5 GHz, 400 ps period timing capture across all input channels, and up to 128-megasample memory depth, the 16850 series of logic analysers provide up to 50% faster timing capture with deep memory than other portable logic analysers on the market.

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