Anti-drone technology enters African market

January 30th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

US company Department 13 has licenced Skydrone to represent its Mesmer anti-drone product in the growing African market. Mesmer is a patented drone mitigation solution which is low power, non-jamming, non-line of sight, and non-kinetic. It provides a safe and effective method of protecting personnel and infrastructure from dangerous drones. The technology prevents drones from physically harming people, damaging and disrupting critical infrastructure, and stealing intellectual property, because of the risk that drones pose. At particular risk are airports, government buildings, military bases, oil refineries, power stations, stadiums, high-end housing estates and national key points. Mesmer detects unauthorised drones, identify them, and neutralise them by taking control of them and then either sending them back to their pilot or landing them safely. This is different to signal jammers that have traditionally been used, but which can cause drones to fall from the sky onto people. As it is built on open source software architecture, it can be seamlessly integrated into existing security and surveillance systems.

Contact Skydrone, Tel 011 432-8867,

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