App to assist anti-elephant poaching efforts in Tanzania

April 1st, 2015, Published in Articles: PositionIT



Environmental Resources Management (ERM), a leading sustainability consultancy, has designed a bespoke smartphone app for easy use, to assist low-literate and non-literate village scouts to record elephant movement and poaching activities in Tanzania, and in the process mobilise local authorities to intervene more quickly to curb levels of poaching. The app enables data collection to be fed directly into an electronic database, making data collection more efficient, cheaper, and less error-prone than traditional methods of paper-based surveys. An ERM team of GIS specialists have been working pro-bono to support information-gathering and mapping on the Ruvuma Elephant Project with the PAMS Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation run in Tanzania by two South Africans. The foundation supports conservation in Tanzania by safeguarding its biodiversity, habitats and ecological processes. This project inspired team members at ERM, who have dedicated hours of their own time to raise US$50 000 for ongoing efforts, including the purchase of much-needed tracking devices that will run Cybertracker software, enabling PAMS to record and monitor elephant numbers and instances of poaching. Their technology has been created to eliminate elephant poaching within the trans-border Selous-Niassa Wildlife Corridor Conservation Area located between Tanzania and Mozambique.

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