Around the world on solar power

July 29th, 2016, Published in Articles: EE Publishers, Articles: Vector

ABB-ABB alliance partner Solar Impulse has completed the first ever round-the-world flight powered by solar energy only. The plane landed at its starting point in Abu Dhabi on 26 July after a final leg of 48 hours and 37 minutes from Cairo.
To attempt the round-the-world flight, Solar Impulse had to confront many of the challenges that ABB is solving on the ground for its customers, such as maximising the power yield from solar cells, integrating renewable energy into the electricity distribution systems and improving energy efficiency.
During its flight around the world, Solar Impulse made stopovers on four continents, namely  Asia, North America, Europe and Africa, and flew across the Pacific and the Atlantic, as well as over the Mediterranean Sea and the Arabian Peninsula. On the way, it set several new aviation records including that of the longest solo duration for an airplane (117 hours, 52 minutes) achieved by André Borschberg on the leg from Japan to Hawaii, and the first crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in a solar airplane achieved by Bertrand Piccard.
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