Automatically generate highly detailed floorplans

June 6th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

The latest release of NavVis IndoorViewer 3D building visualisation software includes feature updates that automatically generate highly detailed, coloured floorplans based on point clouds and extend the routing function with the addition of a path drawing tool. The release also includes a new way to customise and view content and enterprise-ready security features. The web-based application combines realistic 3D visualisation of buildings with a user-friendly interface and functionality that lets users interact with and enrich scan data. Building scan data is displayed as fully immersive 360° images, point clouds and maps. The 360° image and point cloud views let users move through scanned spaces in 3D, while the map view provides a 2D overview of the scanned structure and its surroundings. The routing function, which enables detailed, searchable routing between objects and locations within scanned structures, has also been enhanced. Additional updates include an option to set the default image for geo-tagged content and the introduction of enterprise-ready authentication and privacy features.

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