Automatically remove point cloud artefacts

March 17th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

A new software release for the NavVis M6 indoor mobile mapping system (IMMS) automatically detects and removes dynamic objects and object fringe points from point clouds during the post-processing of scan data. Fringe points and dynamic objects are two common types of point cloud artefacts that affect all 3D laser scanning devices. Fringe points occur when a laser beam hits the edge of an object as well as its background. This scattered beam ultimately appears as a so-called fringe around the edge of the object in the point cloud. The second type of point cloud artefact results when dynamic objects, such as humans walking through a scan, are captured by the laser scanner and then appear in the point cloud. With the latest software update, the algorithms applied during the post-processing of scan data use multiple observations from SLAM devices such as the M6 to detect whether measurement points actually exist in the physical space. If it is determined that the point does not exist this point is automatically removed. This results in a cleaner, crisper point cloud that requires less clean up in point cloud editing software and that is easier to use for applications such as BIM.

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