Bathymetry data capture for previously impossible water conditions

April 1st, 2014, Published in Articles: PositionIT


optech-239-04-2014 Optech has released the HydroFusion Turbid Water Module, a powerful new tool that enables the Optech CZMIL Coastal Zone Mapping and Imaging Lidar to collect bathymetry data in water conditions that were previously impossible to capture. Based on the company’s extensive experience in lidar bathymetry waveform analysis, the Turbid Water Module is an addition to the CZMIL HydroFusion workflow specifically designed to detect and extract bathymetry measurements from turbid, shallow waters and muddy, less reflective seafloors, areas where previous lidar bathymeters could not extract depth measurements. Combined with the advanced hardware of the Optech CZMIL, the Turbid Water Module has successfully made seafloor measurements from very shallow waters (depth <1 – 2 m) in highly turbid conditions (Kd >0, 5 m-1) with dark, muddy bottoms (reflectance = 3 – 5%). Up until now, lidar bathymeters were restricted to the few parts of the world with clear waters and reflective seafloors, leaving large areas unsurveyed. With the Turbid Water Module, users can venture into vast new areas with high water turbidity and low seafloor reflectance, and even survey right up to the edge of the shoreline for a seamless transition from bathymetry to topography.

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