Circuit breakers with direct opening action

October 23rd, 2013, Published in Articles: Vector

bearing-international-173-11-fig1ACDC Dynamics, sole distributors of Terasaki in South Africa, offers a full range of moulded case circuit breakers (MCCBs) and air circuit breakers (ACBs). The Terasaki TemBreak2 range’s specifications exceed international standards for safety. Direct opening action, recommended by IEC standards for machine safety, are standard features in most models and ranges. A unique safety lock system for plug-in MCCBs ensures that the MCCB cannot carry current while being fitted or removed. Field installable accessories (one common accessory from 20 to 1600 A) can be fitted by the switchboard builder or added by the end-user. Shunt trips, auxiliary switches and alarm switches are exactly the same throughout the range and are easy to install in the field. The plug-in MCCB is locked to the base when the toggle is on and cannot be removed unless the toggle is off or tripped. The MCCBs are fully rated for use at 50ºC, ambient and the range offers five frame sizes, from 20 to 1600 A. They feature compact motorised changeovers – the mechanical interlock is installed on the front of the MCCB, and is compatible with clip-on motor operators and integrated operating handles or off status clearly. Overload protection (Ir) is adjustable between 63% and 100% of the rating.

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