Bespoke containerised UPS solution

February 25th, 2014, Published in Articles: EngineerIT, Articles: Vector


An engineering firm that fabricates mechanical parts for mining applications required constant and clean power to keep machinery running and prevent damage to equipment as a result of power outages. Erratic power supply in the area and frequent outages also resulted in loss of productivity as the systems are switched over to backup generators. A UPS is the ideal solution for this challenge, however, the company only had space for a UPS  on the factory floor – and UPSs are not generally designed to operate in hot and dirty conditions. Jasco Power Solutions tackled the challenge with a bespoke containerised solution for the UPS, including a 100 kW scalable to 250 kW modular UPS system, an enclosure to protect the equipment, and electrical, air filtering, lighting, distribution and cooling for the solution. The solution incorporates a hot-swappable modular Gammatronic MegaV2 UPS system that is scalable up to 250 kW to meet growing power needs in the future. It also offers an efficiency rate of 96% with a small footprint, and thus ideal for this scenario. Additional 25 kVA modules can be easily added on as needed. The Gamatronic UPS is also highly energy efficient, and protects equipment with dynamic voltage regulation

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