Blast design package improves controlled blasts

January 15th, 2018, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Tried and true to its purpose is what makes the Carlson Quarryman Pro laser scanner and its blast design package – which includes the rugged Quarryman, Boretrak, and blast design software – not only popular, but also highly efficient for use in quarries and mines around the world.

Figure. 1: The Quarryman Pro laser scanner.

Fig. 1: The Quarryman Pro laser scanner.

First developed in the 1980s, the Quarryman Pro has stood the test of time as it is easy to use by trained surveyors and non-surveyors alike. It provides the necessary information quarry staff require to carry out controlled blasts in a quarry in a safe, environmental and efficient manner.

“The data from the Quarryman, together with the Boretrak and software, helps operators understand the detailed layout of the rock face and design the ideal blast,” explains Anthony Comber, Carlson LMD technical support. This knowledge is essential in planning where to drill holes and how to load the explosives.

Safer, more efficient blasts also result in neater quarry faces and quarry floors on which it is easier to operate machinery and vehicles. This is in addition to making the most efficient use of explosives, limiting the noise and vibrations from the blast, and controlling the size of the rocks that result from the blast.

“The equipment is very robust and long-lasting,” says Comber, “which is essential because it can suffer very harsh treatment in the demanding quarry environment.”

The Quarryman Pro also focuses on user-friendliness, with features such as a large, full colour, sun-readable screen for better visibility. Fewer clicks for each operation further enhances the speed with which users can work, while auto date and time stamping helps users find files without needing to enter details. The system’s new, lighter Li-ion battery provides longer scan times, warns users when it is low, and shuts down automatically if not recharged, retaining data for retrieval later.

Acquisition driven improvements

Based in Kentucky, USA, Carlson Software specialises in software and hardware for land surveying, civil engineering, and construction, as well as mining. In September 2017, the company acquired a family of mining-focused instruments from Renishaw, now called Carlson LMD. One immediate improvement was the ability to offer Carlson’s GPS system to complement and enhance the existing blast design package.

Furthermore, a new rodded Boretrak unit has been released, with improvements including:

  • Bluetooth communications between the probe and PDA, negating the need for a hotshoe and enabling easy, on-site data download.
  • A ruggedised PDA replaces the CDU, offering the ability to communicate wirelessly with the probe and allows data to be sent to a PC via WiFi or Bluetooth.
  • The Boretrak Mobile Android app provides on-site viewing and troubleshooting, and enables users to output data directly into their own third-party packages.
  • Android capabilities and applications further complement the Rodded BoreTrak system.
  • A smaller, lighter briefcase-style transit case.
  • Improved, more reliable calibration procedures and associated jigs.

While this blast design package comes with its own software, the Quarryman Pro system is so widely used that several international blast design packages provide Quarryman import functions to work with the data.

The Carlson Quarryman Pro blast design package is the equipment that quarry operators have come to rely on for decades, with improvements focused on increasing its ease-of-use and speed while keeping its reliability and accuracy.

The new Carlson LMD line enhances the Carlson mining and blasting packages when combined with its mining software and machine control products that have been serving the mining industry for more than 30 years.

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