BVLOS drone project in an urban area

November 16th, 2018, Published in Articles: PositionIT

In-Flight Data, a Canadian drone operator, in collaboration with SenseFly, has completed North America’s first urban BVLOS drone project in a major city. The project, carried out in the city of Calgary, Alberta, was commissioned to collect mapping data to support the development of a new graveyard site, the city’s first new cemetery since 1940. The mapping of the area, completed using a SenseFly eBee Plus fixed-wing drone, saw In-Flight Data’s team conduct a total of 414 km BVLOS operations at an average distance of 2,35 km from the pilot, and began as part of the company’s wider BVLOS UAS operations trial earlier this year. The aim of the trial was to demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of BVLOS UAS flights and the cost and efficiency benefits they can provide to citizens and governments alike. Restricted ground access to the site meant that remotely launched drone operations were the obvious option. The data collected during the project was delivered to the City of Calgary, and will also be shared with the citizens of Calgary to follow the progress of the site construction.

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