Cape Town branch finds new home

June 12th, 2014, Published in Articles: Vector


industry-news-euroluxThe IESSA Cape Town branch’s 2014 AGM was held at Twenty Fifty, a growing, mixed-use work place where young entrepreneurs, designers, creators and non-profit organisations share, connect and grow. A new “alliance” was formed out of IESSA’s need for a venue and Twenty Fifty’s need for lighting. In exchange for the use of the venue, IESSA and its group members will set up a project whereby group members take on areas within the venue and apply their trade.

The event itself was attended by almost 40 members. Phil Hammond delivered a review of the branch’s previous fiscal activities and was again elected chairman of the Cape Town branch. Gideon

Naudé has joined the team and now serves on the Development Committee.

After the formalities, Andrew Wex delivered a presentation on creative lighting and introduced three emerging lighting creators. Installation artist Danny Popper is the creator of “pop puppets”, large-scale music festival installations, as well as the famous COP 17 Baobab and Nelson Mandela Tree, among others. Heath Nash is another artist who creates lighting shades from reused plastic waste.

Lume Collective creates live and interactive “light graffiti” by means of phosphorescent surfaces which react to higher light frequencies and which glow for about 90 seconds. Amazing effects are created by using different types of light and LED arrays.

Contact Andrew Wex, Tel 021 528-8454,

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