Challenges of planning future high voltage power system networks

November 18th, 2019, Published in Articles: Energize, Featured: Energize

Steady growth and development in South Africa have led to increased demand for electricity and hence the expansion of electric power networks and an evolution to the current power system network. To date, there have been several planning challenges, both technical and non-technical, many of which still persist.

It is predicted that there is a likelihood of further increased complex planning challenges in future. We are aware that networks will change but the difficult questions are how, when and how quickly these network changes will occur. This article focuses on the planning of future high voltage power system networks supplying cities, municipalities and large power users, as well as smaller communities and rural networks.

Fig. 1: South Africa’s current and future generation footprints.

The increase in electricity tariffs, load-shedding,  introduction of renewable energy and the drive towards “clean energy” sources are among the key aspects that will impact the energy sector. Policy and regulatory changes will further significantly affect network planning consequently leading to either a positive or negative evolution.

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