Chris Yelland talks energy at “Die Groot Ontbyt”

May 24th, 2017, Published in Articles: EE Publishers, Articles: Energize


KykNet’s weekday breakfast show “Die Groot Ontbyt” interviews Chris Yelland about the Integrated Resource Plan, nuclear and renewable energy, and Eskom CEO Brian Molefe.

Watch the video for the answers to the questions posed:

  1. The energy sector is enjoying a lot of attention these days and the future of energy in South Africa is largely determined by the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). Please explain what the IRP is and how it is formulated?
  2. In terms of the IRP 2016, a conservative approach is always taken with pessimistic assumptions for new technologies and optimistic assumptions for established technologies are made. Why is this?
  3. Experts argue that it’s no longer a case of clean energy versus cheap energy but that both are simultaneously possible. Can you please contextualise what some of the previous challenges were that resulted in this either-or approach? What changed?
  4. Do you have any comments on the reappointment of Brian Molefe at Eskom?
  5. What in your opinion are possible solutions for the current uncertainties in the South African energy sector?


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