Cloud mapping service upgrades its infrastructure

June 6th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

MapTiler Cloud has made major infrastructure enhancements to improved response times and caching rates. The new infrastructure is designed with speed and scalability in mind. A lot of requests can be handled sooner in the pipeline than before, resulting in fewer hops and faster response times. The load balancing was improved to make sure the requests are always directed to the geographically closest and fastest available datacentre. The cache hit rate was also significantly increased (especially for standard tiles and maps), so there is now a much higher chance that the requested map tiles can be served from a local cache node rather than having to contact one of the datacentres. It is now also able to accurately count each and every individual request to its servers, enabling customers to have precise usage statistics. Previously, it was a standard to use 256 x 256 raster tiles and users needed to load only a few images to cover the whole display size. Using the larger 512 x 512 tiles results in fewer requests and often faster loading times. MapTiler Cloud provides both tile sizes to ensures maximum compatibility. The company had to change the domain (and modify URLs) to make the above-mentioned (and many future) improvements possible. The old domain will be turned off completely by the end of this year.

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