Combined dust sample probe improves measurements

February 6th, 2014, Published in Articles: Energize


06-gn-oen-durags-combinedDurag’s D-RX 250 combined sample probe is used for continuous monitoring of dust concentrations in flue gas ducts, dust extraction pipes and similar applications. Besides measuring dust concentration, volume flow and temperature, the absolute pressure in the flue is also measured. These measurements enable the figures to be converted to normal conditions. The combined probe measures four different quantities simultaneously. Dust concentration is determined according to the tribo-electric measuring principle. The tribo-logical probe measures the charge on the particles that strike the rod. Due to the measurement principle, this charge flow is, without any compensation calculation, dependent on the flow velocity and the concentration of the dust in the flue gas. Operation is menu-guided using four keys and a four-line display. For improved readability, measurements can be shown in large characters.

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