Combining measurement instruments and the IIoT

July 8th, 2019, Published in Articles: EngineerIT

Endress+Hauser’s Netilion Smart Systems are packages combining industry-proven measuring instruments with the company’s new industrial internet of things (IIoT) offering.

Process values and device diagnostic data are transmitted to a central data hub via edge devices. This provides the user with a wide variety of applications as well as visualisations, evaluations and functions. Information is transmitted directly to the hub without a control system and is thus accessible to the user from anywhere. The user is therefore always informed about the current status and this means corrective measures can be initiated in time.

Checking your measuring data with your smartphone app is as simple as checking your messages. With the app you can:

  • Choose a package of smart sensors to measure relevant parameters.
  • Receive visualisation of measured values.
  • Check NAMUR NE 107 status messages.
  • Define limit values with alarms and notifications.
  • See an overview of all accumulated alarms and acknowledgement of messages.
  • View a graphical history of measured values.
  • Assign measuring points on a map.

Netilion Smart System

Endress+Hauser’s first Smart System package is used to monitor water quality parameters. All necessary components are provided in one single package. Two standard sets with measuring instruments for measuring the following parameters are available:

  • Surface water monitoring: pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity and temperature.
  • Aquaculture monitoring: pH, dissolved oxygen, ammonium, nitrate and temperature.

In addition to the instruments, fittings for installation, cables and mounting materials, an edge device are included. This only has to be connected to the measuring instrument and power supply and the measured values are then automatically transmitted to the user’s smartphone via the hub.

In addition to the measured values, NAMUR NE 107 status information is transmitted. This provides information on status of the sensors and whether, for example, maintenance must be carried out. Depending on the setting, all information can be transmitted in intervals of 5, 15 or
60 minutes.

Each Smart System for Surface Water comprises a four-channel transmitter Liquiline, Modbus edge device, digital conductivity sensor Indumax, digital oxygen sensor Oxymax, digital pH sensor Orbipac, immersion assembly Flexdip and a digital measuring cable.

A smart way to manage water quality

Water in rivers or lakes can easily get out of balance. Seasonal, environmental and human influences can destabilise the quality of surface water. Since, in a digitalised world, we tend to require more and more digital information, it seems obvious to gather and deliver water quality data in a smart way.

Netilion Smart System for Surface Water enables constant and easy measurement of water quality in rivers and lakes or any other type of surface water. The system can measure temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen and conductivity.

Smart system for aquaculture

Fish farmers face many challenges: keeping the stock in a good condition and staying within small budgets for food and other resources. If you keep an eye on the water quality, you can lower the fish mortality in your stock and increase the feed conversion ratio. Netilion Smart System for Aquaculture helps you to do so.

Many fish farmers know the problem of stock shrinkage. In your aquaculture, you have a higher number of fingerlings in the beginning than grown fish later. Very often, the reason for high mortality rates in aquacultures is poor water quality.

Thanks to the intelligent connectivity between the measuring sensors and the smartphone app, monitoring water quality in aquaculture has never been so easy.

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