Communication unit for open networks

August 13th, 2014, Published in Articles: EngineerIT



Panasonic has developed a solution for transferring data between controllers and the sensors required. Until now, communication between intelligent sensors and controllers has been realised via serial or parallel interfaces built into the sensors. At the same time, simple sensors capable of displaying the digital status of 1 or 0 only were developed for one specific fieldbus type. This philosophy has been followed when designing the SCGUxx series units, as units were developed that provided an interface between bus and sensor. Though RS485 is still the most prevalent interface in use, units for CC-Link, DeviceNet and EtherCAT have been introduced as solutions for open networks. Characteristics include: units for three network types are available (CC-Link, DeviceNet, and EtherCAT); sensor information can be checked and changed via the RS485 network; sensor information can be monitored and settings can be changed by a PC on the network; and up to 16 sensor amplifiers can be connected to one communication unit (only 12 for FX-500 series).

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